Next step in Linux migration

I’ve been using Linux over the past year and while there have been small issues here and there, the experience on a whole has been pretty damn awesome. I enjoyed my foray into the land of open source so much, I decided to write using Linux full time. This means I’ll work primarily from my laptop and convert the desktop into a full-time gaming rig. Too bad, though; I already decided I wouldn’t be playing much of The Division.... Read More

Keep moving forward

There comes a moment when you realize it’s time to move on. Maybe that realization comes while trying to see daylight within the murk of the project on which you’ve been working for weeks. Maybe it’s a relationship you thought was worth trying to rebuild only to come to the harsh reality that sometimes there is nothing left to repair. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by that single moment, that we forget one of the most important life lessons we can learn.... Read More

Moving to Linux

Over the last year or so I’ve changed operating systems more times than a fictional spy changing his identity. I’ve jumped from Windows to several versions of Linux, back to Windows and back to Linux. I recently switched back to Windows and I thought it would be the end of the discussion. However, with Microsoft’s assault on its user base with trying to force everyone to upgrade to Windows 10, my confidence in the company as a brand and as an OS has been shaken.... Read More