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Fun and productivity with Fallout Shelter and the Pomodoro technique

I used to play Fallout Shelter on my iPad, then stepped away from it for a while. When I found out Bethesda released a port for PC, I jumped all over it. For starters, I’m always on my PC. Additionally, I’ve paired it with my Pomodoro method, which allows me to play the game during my breaks as a reward for getting work done. So far it’s been working well. After playing the game for a week, I noticed things I wish I knew before being so heavily invested in my characters. That where my wanting to write a Fallout Shelter Survival Guide…

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App Preview: WPS Office 2016

Did you know there’s a world outside of Microsoft Office that doesn’t include LibreOffice or OpenOffice? WPS Office 2016 is an office suite, whose mobile version has over 50 million downloads with over 1 million Play Store reviews. Kingsoft, developer of WPS brought that same technology to both the Windows and Linux desktops. With a focus on complete compatibility with Microsoft Office, Kingsoft released their newest version of their office suite, WPS Office 2016 last month. WPS is the acronym for the three apps that make up the suite W (Writer) P (Presentation) and S (Spreadsheets). Can the folks at Kingsoft bring…

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Trying Windows 10: Day 02

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on a dare. While it took more time and reboots I would like, I was finally able to look at a desktop and get started with my normal day-to-day. I will say it again; Windows 10 is fast. I would say it’s as fast as Windows 7. I would like to research boot time benchmarks between Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu and Arch) to see how much of a difference is there between operating systems, if any. First thing I had to do was replace Microsoft Edge with Google Chrome. I know, Edge is supposed to…

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Trying Windows 10: Day 01

I had to do it. Pride wouldn’t let me do anything else. I’m writing to you from Windows 10. Since I received a few messages that said my dislike for Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS was a little harsh; and that if I would take the time to get to use Windows 10 “for longer than ten minutes,” that I would see that it’s a solid OS. You know, they could be right. I mean an operating system that tries to sneak its way on a user’s PC can’t be that bad, right? I downloaded and installed Windows 10 to a…

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Switching to Linux: Where to start

In an earlier post, I briefly went over my reasons for ditching Windows 10 and turning to Linux. Today we’ll look at options new users have to begin their journeys into open source software. I’ve used more Linux operating systems—called distributions for those in the know—than I can count. Ultimately, I settled on Antergos, which is an operating system based on Arch Linux. For new users, this isn’t the best place to start. When you’ve experiment with Linux enough to decide on what you like or don’t like, remind me to bring up Antergos in the future. If Arch (and…

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