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A WriMo Survival Guide

Since we’re closing in on NaNoWriMo in November, we’ll use that event for the purpose of this epic morsel of motivation. However, this works for Camp NaNoWriMo, JulNoWriMo or any writing event. November is approaching faster than winter in a George R. R. Martin novel. With so many new writers participating in NaNoWriMo this year with the wide-eyes and itchy fingers, I wanted to be the first to give you a pre-NaNo pep talk. I bet you’re…

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Intro to What I use

There are apps I like and there are apps I love. Why not share the software I enjoy using here? There just might be something on this site you might find useful. I won’t get super reviewy here. If I didn’t like the app, I wouldn’t use it, right? Besides, I love these apps! How am I going to be objective? (Just kidding, I know some of these apps aren’t perfect and I’m not afraid…

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MATE to the rescue

Ubuntu 17.10 has been pretty good on my laptop, but there were minor issue that had me seriously looking to return to Antergos. On a whim, I decided to give Ubuntu MATE a try. I used the system on one of my desktops and had success, so I decided to give the 17.10 alpha release a try. To my surprise, it worked better than Ubuntu proper. I was able to connect my laptop to my…

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Minor issues with Ubuntu 17.10

Going on my third week using Ubuntu 17.10 and so far it continues to be a positive experience. Of course there are occasional issues, but nothing that would make me reinstall Windows or move to another distribution. I want to look online for answers to the few issues I’ve encountered. First, I want to address the Dropbox icon issue. I don’t like having all my files on my laptop. There’s no reason to have non-writing…

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Working with Ubuntu daily

I switched to using Ubuntu 17.10 about two weeks ago. So far it’s been a surprisingly good experience. This is the first time I’ve use Ubuntu proper in years. I’ve used Kubuntu and Ubuntu MATE, but I was never a fan of the Unity desktop. When I heard Canonical was bringing Ubuntu back into the GNOME fold, I had to try it. I’ve had an interesting relationship with the GNOME desktop depending on the distribution.…

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Okay in letting go

I’m learning the hard way that it’s okay to let go. For the longest time I had this belief of not giving up under any circumstances. I applied this thinking in my professional and personal lives. I adopted the philosophy while playing video games (I’m looking at you Dark Souls.) I found the biggest example of my never-say-die attitude in my relationships with friends. I’ve often joked that my greatest strength is my greatest weakness;…

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