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Writing Wearing a Straitjacket Posts

Branching out into freelancing

From an add jobs standpoint, September has been a good month for writing and non-writing projects. While I would love to freelance full time, it’s nowhere near being a reality. I have too many obligations that require a steady income to fantasy living the hand-to-mouth lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do it more on a part-time basis; that’s my goal for 2017. I want to see if I can earn 10% of my annual income through freelance gigs. If I’m successful, I’ll continue to raise the percentage until I hit the first major goal of 50% earned from…

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Never free of bad karma

[Begin rant] I’m glad I got into the habit of silencing my cell phone when I’m home, or else the text I received last night would have landed me in jail. I wrote earlier about the ex, who put our daughter and her kids out. Well, this same person had the audacity to send me a text, thanking me for their freedom. What the fuck? First, I don’t need thanks for anyone for being there for my family, let alone my kid. I didn’t do it for the ex. I did it for the four little kids still trying to…

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I ain’t got time to bleed

In the movie, Predator, the character Blain is shot in the arm during a firefight. His partner, Poncho, looks over and says, “You’re bleeding, man. You’re hit.” Without batting an eye, Blain responds, “I ain’t got time to bleed.” That’s sort of what I’m feeling now. Last Fridays, my daughter, and her four children were kicked out of her home. (Won’t go too much into detail, but it involved the other parent, the ex, someone I feel isn’t worth space on the page.) In the span of a few heartbeats, my household size increased by five, making almost the size…

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Morning ritual: trading the weights for a keyboard

It’s 6:30 AMĀ and I’m out the bed and in front of the PC writing this post. I’m trying to get into a routine of getting up earlier to either write (like I’m doing now) or to hit the gym. Yesterday, I went to the gym in the morning and, while I had a great workout, I noticed by the end of the day, I was mentally out of it. Of course, this could have been in part to the draining work day, but I didn’t have the mental energy to do any writing. By writing in the morning, I am…

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Well that was scary

Back from a long and eventful doc visit. While I am in seriously good health, my blood pressure has been an issue on and off for three years. Diet and exercise, while it’s done wonders for my physique, surprisingly hasn’t done much to improve my systolic and diastolic numbers. I eat healthier than most, though I do cheat meals on the weekends. I don’t smoke, do recreational drugs and I have a drink or at the most three in a month. (I actually lost 20 lbs thinking it would help.) When I went in for an appointment, I was offered…

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