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Character intro: Charlie Harbison

Things are progressing well for Daddy’s Little Girl (DLG) as the first week of NaNoWriMo came to a close yesterday. I like to think of Sunday as the first of my week. I’m amazed at how well this project is fitting in with the entire Ascension universe. Because this is the first book in the series, I have to keep reminding myself that DLG, while being its own work, also serves as an introduction to characters that will move on beyond this book. While Detective Charlie Harbison is very much the protagonist, of this story, it will also introduce the protagonist of the series, Detective Dakota Reese. That’s not to say readers will see the last of Charlie after DLG. Trust me when I say he’s a stubborn one. It would be a shame for him to be reduced to what I call a “condom character,” which is a character you throw away after one use.

Charlie continues to be a fun character write. He’s flawed, though he means well. He freely admits that he breaks the rules to get the job done. He’s not a big talker, which makes it a little difficult to write dialog for him. I think it’s because the job and his life has made him something of a stoic pessimist that does what he needs to do because it’s what he needed to do. I know if I have a hard time getting him to open up, I know the people with whom he works must be pulling their hairs out. I think his current investigation is going to leave him damaged in a way that may shake his beliefs about who he is as a person. Such change and the journey he undertakes in experiencing that change is what continues to drives him.

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