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Getting back into shape, one page at a time

I’m out to shape. It’s why I went back to the gym. I am usually consistent with my workout routine, but when I miss a stretch of time, I lose a little of what I gained. Yesterday was a perfect example. After warming up on the leg press, I racked the 45-pound plates on the machine with the confidence of Iris Kyle — she’s a multi-year Ms. Olympia champion, who can lift way more than I can — until I reached 630 pounds. Several months prior, when I worked out more, 630 was what I lifted regularly. I sat my butt in the chair, released the clamps and had the wind knocked out of me as my thighs slammed into my diaphragm. Embarrassed? Just a little. I took off four plates and sat back in the chair. This time, I was able to move the weight like I should. While it was a minor hit to my ego, I know I will be back at 630 and beyond in no time.

I recently had a similar situation with the writing. After being away from it for a while, I thought I could go back and just start banging out the novel like I was participating in NaNo. Like the leg press, the attempt was a failure. Being out the the writing loop left me creatively weaker. I lacked the stamina to keep my butt in the chair and work through the tougher writing moments. Like the leg press, I lost a step; but I am also working toward building back up to novel writing shape.

I temporarily shelved Racing the Rain for a month, so I could focus on writing shorter works. I will spend my mornings free writing and blogging and my evenings writing short fiction. The goal as simple to write one short story, of approximately 3500 words, within three days my first week out. That’s two stories in the first week. The next week, I will increase my productivity to three stories per week. My last week will have me writing four stories within a week. That should give me the stamina to pen over 12000 words within the week, more than enough productivity to help me push through Racing the Rain and still have time to prep for NaNo. If all goes well, I will be listed among the winners of the 2010 NaNoWriMo.

Hmm, I wonder if I can up my leg press to 630 within the same amount of time. Sounds like a challenge to me.

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