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I get by with a little help with my friends

So NaNoWriMo started yesterday and I am happy to say I am off to a good start. I am slightly ahead of my word count, but I need to keep at least two days ahead in case life happens to get in the way. It will, undoubtedly, but I want to be prepared for it. But Daddy’s Little Girl is underway and that is what’s important.

I want to take a moment to thank my NaNo friends, but on the NaNoWriMo site and on Facebook. You folks are really motivating me to work hard and to take the writing seriously. And while It isn’t a competition between my co-NaNoers, it really helps to be in competition with myself. It’s an awesome feeling. So again, to every one of you writing, cheering or at least not laughing when I say I’m writing a novel, thanks.

I also want to thank Eric, Courtney, Michael and Jordayn for participating in their first NaNo. I was surprised at the enthusiasm they’re showing in writing their words sets of words. I hope to see them at the finish line at the end of the month. But no matter what, for at least taking the step, they are all winners in my book.

Okay, time to outline, then write. I will post up some DLG tidbits when I get a moment. Until then, write on!

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