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Mental doodle 08112010

Windowless walls surround me, as I like upward for the only source of light in this cell. It comes from a single bulb, just bright enough to cast my shadow on the wall. The bulb had been hastily painted — red, I think, though it could be orange — it’s hard to tell from where I’m sitting. Whomever the artist, they should stick with their day job. Painting should be left to artists, not butchers. But then again, killing is a form of art. I should know.

My cell had experienced death. It clung to the walls, thick like a grime that couldn’t be scrubbed off with bleach and the hottest water. A light, coppery smell perfumed my space. No matter how much bleached my captors use, there was no way do hide the truth.  Someone had died here. Maybe many someones. I couldn’t tell. The air around me felt cool, dry. Wherever I was, I was underground. The walls, while natural stone, were without moisture possibly treated with a retardant of some sort.

I counted off the paces again. My pen was roughly nine foot by nine foot. Not the presidential suite for which I was hoping, but then, I never though I would end up where I am. And where am I? Your guess is as good (or better) than mine. I don’t remember much. I was gathering intel on this poor sap I was paid to investigate. It was supposed to be simple. Follow the target, gather intel and when I received the instruction, kill him. Easy money, right?

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