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Next stop: openSUSE 11.3

er a week of going back and forth between Ubuntu and openSUSE, I have finally made my choice. I’ll be using openSUSE for the next 30 days. (Yes, I am aware that I said 30 days.) I still need to figure out if I am going to go with the 64-bit or 32-bit versions. And if I will be using KDE over GNOME. What I do know is that I will work in openSUSE like I would in Windows. That means there is a lot of writing, blogging and emailing to be done.

I’m not a stranger to Linux. I’m a recovering¬†Ubuntu user. Why did I come back to Windows? There really wasn’t any one big issue, just lots of little ones that I was too impatient to work through. I spent over 15 years in a Windows environment. Windows is easy. So I went with what was easy. But easy doesn’t automatically mean better. My experiments aren’t about what is better, but what is better for me. If it is Windows, then I have no problem embracing it. But if it’s Linux, then I have no problem having a laptop powered by the penguin.

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