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Now is not the time to whine

If you’ve already hit the 50K mark for NaNoWrimo, then congrats to you. If you’re still grinding through your words, then you know we’re a little over the halfway mark. Congrats for making it up to this point. Look around you, there are many who didn’t get this far. NaNo isn’t for the faint of heart. I know a few of my friends understand that now.

It’s easy to say, “I’ll just knock out 50,000 words and go have a tuna sandwich.” But honestly, some people don’t understand what it takes to commit to writing all of those words. It isn’t a matter of just vomiting thoughts onto pages that sat around in your mind like sour milk. There is a semblance of order in the chaos of all the word sprints, word wars and writ-ins. There is a desire to press on when you story seems to have jumped the tracks and is careening down a path you don’t like. There is a fortitude inside us that allows us to just write what is in us to write and to free ourselves from the doubts of others and of doubts within.

And now we’re on day 17. A lot of us have fallen off and given up. But, many more continue forward. Those that already hit their goal stand at the finish line, not jeering at us, but cheering us on to join them. I don’t know about you, but that is just another motivation to help propel me toward the finish line. I am not there yet, far from it. But I am closer to my goal today that I was yesterday. Tomorrow I will be even closer. I don’t participate in NaNo to prove myself to anyone. I participate because it’s the most fun I could ever have while working. And to be able to do it for good one day is all the motivation I need.

See you at the finish line.

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