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Before I get into what’s going on with me now, I figured I would take a moment to catch everyone up to speed. Writing was going pretty well until I sprained my ring finger trying to break up a fight about two weeks ago. Besides not being able to write, I fell behind in my publishing duties over at First Step Press. So, with a less than two weeks before NaNoWrimo, I am going to formulate a plan to catch up with FSP as well as begin working on outlining my NaNo project.

In tech news, I had been messing around with a couple of Linux distributions. Ubuntu 10.10 beta edged out openSUSE 11.3, but ultimately, I am going to be sticking with Windows 7. Didn’t we go through this before? Yes, we did. However, because Ubuntu drops every six months (openSUSE runs on a yearly cycle) I take a moment to see if it is time to leave Windows behind. By the way, I don’t hate Windows. Actually, Windows 7 is freaking cool. But, I strongly believe in what Linux represents: freedom. I can get more into it, but this is a recap, so I will write more about this later.

Speaking of my laptop, I am going to be using a word processor called FocusWriter, to write my NaNo project. While I am a fan of Q10 (another distraction-free word processor) it didn’t have a Linux client during the time I was Using Ubuntu 10.10. I came across this post about FocusWriter on OMG Ubuntu and was happy to see that the developer supported Linux, Mac and Windows. When I returned to Windows, I immediately installed FocusWriter. It’s been on my hard drive ever since. I’m compiling a list of the software I will be using in November; feel free to check them out if anything has your interest.

While gearing up for NaNo, I did narrow down my project. It hit me in the shower, stalked me in my sleep, and was made clearer in a conversation with my brother. Daddy’s Little Girl will be the first book in the Ascension series and will be my 2010 NaNo project. I know the series will be written in either four or five books. But before I get ahead of myself, I’m going to focus on getting Daddy’s Little Girl written. So, what’s this flagship novel about?

Stick around; I’ll be with you in a minute. I just have to figure that one out myself. But rest assured, dear reader, you’ll be the first to know.

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