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Racing the Rain update

Racing the Rain is the name of the novel I started during last year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Though I didn’t win, I did manage to get in over 30,000 words, enough to motivation me want to finish. I shelved the project for a couple of months, while I took care of other obligations. Now that I have the bulk my other projects out of the way, my attention is back on Racing. I need a day to reacquaint myself with the characters and tour the town in which they live.

I’m not worried about getting into the editing process yet. I want to complete the journey, and then look back on how far the characters and I traveled. I’m going to give myself the two months to finish the first draft. From there, I will shelve the project to finish up a few short stories and then prep for this year’s NaNo.

As I continue with Racing, I’ll introduce the characters here. I might post a character sketch or two in order to help flesh them out in the reader’s mind. Until I decide where I am going with the project — that is, if I should pursue traditional publishing methods or self-publish — I am not going to put up content that appears directly in the book. I will however, keep readers updated with what’s going on with the project, and even use this space to help work through the rough parts.

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  1. Heather Heather

    Excited to know more and wishing you the best of luck this year! I like how you are not worried about editing yet. I believe it can really interrupt the flow if you are always jumping back & forth between bringing it to life & editing it at the same time- but that is just me. I tend to write that way myself- it is only with poems that I sometimes edit as I go along before I lose the exact word or image I want. I guess I scan sometimes, though it can be jarring to do so. Look forward to knowing your characters one day.

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