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Sometimes life is about fun and games

When my brother told me that we were Clementon Park on Saturday, I started my usual rant with the fervor of a hellfire-and-brimstone-preaching reverend. There were short stories to write, markets to research and yes, I have a magazine that I needed to run. Oh, let’s not forget the house could use a going over; the laundry wasn’t going to clean itself. Even when I packed up the coolers full of sandwiches and drinks, and slammed the lid on my computer, I complained that I wouldn’t have fun because I would be on “pedhead” alert. I couldn’t believe that I would be shirking my responsibilities to ride rollercoasters and to stuff my face with funnel cake.

I couldn’t believe that I had so much fun.

But as I sat poolside starting this post, relaxation hit me with the force of the Ring of Fire (one ride I would not recommend getting on with a full stomach). Before I knew it, I was enjoying the sounds of Splash Word and wondering why I didn’t come sooner. I jotted down a morsel of dialog; took a few pictures of the family and of rides and deeply inhaled chlorine-scented summer air. The tension from the previous week floated away. There were many fun moments, going on some rides and watching the kids brave the ones I couldn’t. (Hey, I may look fearless, but I have my share of phobias.)

Between Clementon Park and Splash World, we fueled up on sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Is it me, or do everyday foods somehow take on a new flavor when you’re out having fun? In Splash World, the kids rode tubes and splashed in the water, while briefly cooled off and chatted with my sister between writing and her napping. I didn’t move until we grabbed funnel cake on the way out. It was a much needed break. Just one I didn’t realize I needed.

Now with recharged mental batteries, it’s back work. Going to start the next short story in my experiment, finish the rest of my publishing admin duties and get in at least three days of gym. My life is a rollercoaster; maybe not like the one at Clementon, but it’s just as fun.

Photo by Doug Orleans

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      If I didn’t see the increase in my own productivity, I would not have believed it myself.

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