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The end…more like the beginning

I finished my first NaNoWriMo tonight. As I sit here writing this post, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel now that this part of the journey is over. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I accomplished something. This NaNo was an important one. I can write. I have proven that to myself. With continued dedication, I will grow more confident that I will eventually craft a salable work. But tonight was a start.

My project now sits staring at me from the black background with green letters. The cursor blinks, waiting for me to feed it the next lines. But I am done. At least for now. I will continue with the project, but there are some other things I have to finish before I can get back to working on Daddy’s Little Girl. Finishing NaNo gave me the motivation to finish last year’s project, Racing the Rain. I’ll resume Racing in January.

So what now? First, I am going off the grid tomorrow. I’m taking off and turning off. No phones, email, computers. I am going to sit in my comfy chair with an Xbox 360 controller in my hand and a cup of coffee by chair. The only time I plan to leave the house is the drop off and pick up the kids for school. I have given the month to my writing. I am taking the day for me.

From there, I will catch up on the life I put on hold while I wrote. I have way too much correspondence to go through. At least the utilities are still on. Thank goodness for automatic bill payment. I will turn my attention to First Step Press for a bit before taking the last week of December off to just unwind. But, I will be back at the writing chair, using my NaNo projects as maps to finish the journey started just 29 days before.

Thanks to my supporters, both online and offline. You are all inspirations. Special thanks to my family for putting up with my month-long insanity. It isn’t over by any means, but at least it will be a little less crazy.

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  2. We did it, and I am proud of you. We always knew you were a writer, this was just the signature in blood.

    • Trinae Ross Trinae Ross

      It was a lot of work on all of our parts. But there is still more work to do. Thanks for your support. It helped lots of nights when I wanted to give up.

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