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NaNoWriMo on the brain

It’s September, so why am I already thinking about NaNoWriMo? I would ask you, dear reader, why aren’t you thinking about NaNoWriMo? You’re correct in guessing that I’m one of those folks who likes to answer questions with questions.

NaNoWriMo starts November 1, 2011. That’s less than two months away. Unlike last year, I don’t want to have to split the month between planning and writing. I want to use October to plan my novel, work through character sketches and play around with different ideas. November is for grinding out words and nothing more. To do that, I need to have my foundation in place.

I know, it’s not October. But, it’s not too late to think about what I want to write. And for me it’s a toss-up between starting the second book in my Ascension series, or working with sometime totally new. While I would love to start Mother of Tears, I have to finish Daddy’s Little Girl, which is book one in the series. Can you really start a second book without knowing how the first book ends? Have to think about that one.

Then there’s a book project, tentative titled Deadline, that was originally slated for JulNoWriMo. Unfortunately, fate is a cruel creature sometimes and decided to throw life in the way. I think I have enough to pen at least a novella if not a novel. And then there’s this idea that keeps tickling my brain on which I’m making notes. It’s nothing concrete; literally fragments of sentences that make up a rough idea.

So, I’ll ask my question again, why aren’t you already thinking about NaNoWriMo?

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  2. So many ideas, and only a little more than a month before NaNoWriMo begins. I need to get to planning. I think about it for months beforehand but probably won’t settle on a final idea until a few weeks before. I’m a little flighty 🙂

    • Angelique Michaels Angelique Michaels

      I know what you mean. In September, my head is filled with everything under the sun. It’s usually after the first week of October, that I settle in on a project and begin outlines and carious notes. Good luck, i will be following your progress.

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