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Are we there, yet?

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am still working on Racing the Rain. While I didn’t finish my JulNoWriMo project, which I have since titled Deadline, I wanted to go back to Racing as part of Finish What You Started (FinWYS). As a result, most of my writing-related post will be about Racing. The goal is to finish writing and editing this project before November. NaNoWriMo is coming and I already know I want to work on the second novel in my Ascension series.

So what happened to the first? Don’t worry; Daddy’s Little Girl is still alive and well. It’s in a holding pattern until Racing is finished. While I shop that project around, I will work on Daddy. Ultimately, I want be able to shop around one novel, while I edit another. If I’m lucky enough to place somewhere, then I will start another novel while shopping the newest completed project.

And if I don’t land that elusive publishing deal? Thanks to technology, there are many more opportunities for writers to display their work, compared to a decade ago. I would like to try Amazon or iTunes, for the experience if for anything else. I could also serialize the novel and release it chapter by chapter online. I’m really note sure. I’m not there. I have a lot more writing to do before I move on to the publishing side of things.

With three books floating around at various stages of development, it’s time to focus on getting them all done.

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