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Ending the year on a “write” note

The year’s almost over. Looking back, I have mixed feelings about the year from a creative viewpoint. I wrote a lot this year, but I didn’t complete NaNoWriMo and I have too many unfinished projects on my desk. While I don’t have resolutions per se, I do have writing-related goals, which I listed below.

Finish Racing the Rain: I started Racing as part of my first attempt at NaNo. While I didn’t win that year (I believe it was 2009) I was happy with what I walked away with. Since then, I have been sporadically working on Racing since then. I think 2012 is my time to finish the project. Even if it becomes a trunk novel, meaning that it never sees the light of day, at least I can say I have one novel under my belt. Before I can return to the Ascension series, I need to finish this book.

Submit more short fiction to magazines: I have written several short stories this year. I guess if I am walking around calling myself a writer, I should work more on placing my material. Post work on this blog doesn’t count. (I will get to that in a minute.) I need to get back into the habit of researching markets to place my fiction submissions. I love Duotrope’s Digest, which is a great resource for finding new markets. The service is free to use, though donations are always appreciated.

Update the blog on a regular basis: I love this blog. It’s my place to cut loose and just be. With everything I want to accomplish this year, I want to share the good and the bad with readers. Yes, I’m talking about you. WWWaS is not only a place for me to be, it’s a place for me to share and let other writers know that I am going through the same highs and lows that they are. I want to share my success to show that if I can do it, then so can you. I want to share my failures to maybe help the next writer jump over that hurdle. The way for me to do that is to update the blog more. Which brings me to my next goal.

Post more samples of my writing on the blog: I received a few emails regarding this one. Sometimes I write chapters on various projects that I want to share. Other times, I will just start writing and see what happens. I am a shy gal. Posting some of my work will help me overcome the pre-submission jitters. Learning to take criticism is a part of the writing game. To take my licks, I will throw up occasional stories, poems and maybe sample chapters of my novels so people can see just what the hell I’m up to.

Finish NaNoWriMo 2012: This is just as important as finishing Racing the Rain. It seems like even-numbered years are my good luck charms. Will 2012 keep the streak going? One thing that will help me next year is that I discovered where the time sinks were in November. If better prepare, I should find myself back in the winners’ circle.

Those are the main goals I on which I will be focusing for 2012. Not many, but definitely enough to keep me at the computer. Hopefully you have a few of your own goals you want to conquer as a new year approaches. Now would be a good time to jot them down someplace and get ready to start off the year on the “write” note.

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