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Life happens, get over it

Had one of those weekends where no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get in front of the keyboard. It happens, so I know not to let it get me down. It’s times like this that remind me that what we do, this thing called writing, isn’t as easy as slipping out of bed and into a comfy chair with a cup of coffee. Life happens. Forget that, and you’re going to find yourself ready to give up before you type your first word.

If you have a life that affords you to be able to write all day, everyday, then you’re one lucky person. However, I’m not there yet and I suspect many of you reading this aren’t there either. So, for us plain folk, we have to remember that no matter how much we want to live the ideal writer’s life, that isn’t going to happen until the day you sell enough of your wares to support such a lifestyle.

So what does that mean? It means that things will always come up; emergencies will happen; planets won’t always align correctly. You deal with it. You resolve the situation and then you get back to work. Fighting it, bitching about it or brooding over whatever it is that is taking you from your writing, isn’t going to do anything but keep you away from your projects that much longer. It’s an endless loop in which you don’t to be stuck.

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