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NaNoWriMo aftermath

It’s been a couple days since NaNoWriMo. And while thousands celebrated reaching the 50K mark, I sat on the sidelines cheering for them. I didn’t reach the finish line. I came in at about 30K. Could I have finished? Who knows? Am I sad or disappointed? Well, maybe a little disappointed. I think I could have written harder if that makes any sense. I used my time well, but looking back, there are things I could have tweaked that would have led to a higher word count. I don’t regret the decision to do NaNo and I am happy with where Numb is right now and I will continue to work on it after my two-week hiatus.

The thing that gets me about the completion of another NaNo is the post NaNoWriMo blues. There’s this weird feeling that comes over me, whether I reach the 50K mark or not. It’s like I don’t know what to do with myself. NaNo gave me clear goals for the month. That was my purpose. Now that I have served my purpose, there is this strange emptiness. That’s why I take two weeks off from not only writing, but from the internet and all of its trappings. I do something similar when I am in the gym. After a week of lifting heavy, I’ll take off a couple of days to just give my body time to heal. Right now I need my mind to heal.

When I come back to the computer, I’m going to switch gears and finish writing Racing the Rain. It’s a project that I come back to after each NaNo; like visiting an old friend after a year of absence. While I won’t write at the breakneck pace that I did in November. I will write consistently. If I’m lucky, I will finish the first draft within the new few months.

Looks like I rediscovered my purpose. Imagine that.

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  1. kpsd8 kpsd8

    The same thing happened with me. When I hit 28,000+ I hit a block I didn’t know how to get past. Now I’m participating in NaNoFiMo and my novel’s gears are slowly grinding again.

  2. perchta perchta

    I also get the ‘post NaNo’ blues. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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