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Nothing personal even if it feels that way

It’s been a while since I submitted anything to market or applied for a writing job, but last night I was reminded of what rejection felt like. Don’t worry, I got over it quickly. No sense sulking over a missed opportunity, when there are other projects on which to focus.

However, I’m reminded that rejection, and the emotions that go with it, are very real. As writers, we put ourselves out there. It’s like asking someone you really like out on a date. There is that moment you find yourself holding your breath while you wait for a response. When you hear what amounts to, “thanks, but…” you feel your balloon of emotion deflate. It’s a very real feeling, a feeling with which you need to deal sooner rather than later.

I deal with rejection logically. I realize that it’s nothing personal. What I’m offering doesn’t fit that particular market. There will be other opportunities. I need to remember that. While I’m researching a new market, I could be working on the next project. However, the most important thing to remember is not to dwell on the missed opportunity, but to keep your focus on the opportunities to come.

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