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Rested and ready

Getting back into the flow of working after being off for the past four days. I needed the break. After a rough week at work, coupled with a week of hardcore dieting, I needed time to rest. Now that I had the time to recuperate, it’s time to jump back into the chaotic ocean of the job, writing, working out and publishing.

I’ve been doing a little free writing, though nothing substantial. However, like going to the gym to do cardio on an off day, something is better than nothing. I did manage to clean off my desk, since it gives me a clean slate. And with a clean slate comes new opportunities.

Summer is approaching quicker than I could imagine. That means it’s time for me to ramp up my fitness and writing goals to make sure I meet my deadline. I want to spend some time relaxing on the beach, armed with the body for which I worked hard to obtain and editing my newly-finished novel.

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