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Children of Ares

When Armand removed his glasses, Faith saw only two pools of darkness where the man’s eyes should have been. The thing blinked and smiled silencing Faith with a quiet fear. These were not the eyes of a man, but of a monster. Too exhausted to scream, she wanted it all to end. That’s when he ripped in to her stomach. She looked down as Armand reached into her abdomen and removed a full-term baby in his grasp. Her body shook uncontrollably as her body went into shock. She laid on the table with her organs exposed, but no longer felt the pain from the wound. The sounds of her child, her son, taking his first breaths as he cried sounded muted. And then, nothing. Her body relaxed, life spilling from her body like her blood. The last image in Faith’s mind was the monster with the soulless eyes walking past with her son cradled in his arms.


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    • Trinae Trinae

      A most encouraging response. That is the feeling I am trying to maintain throughout the entire book.

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