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Clean Slate

I like a clean slate. Staring a blank sheet of paper gets my creative gears turning. I find myself excited over the prospect of filling the empty page with words someone may enjoy reading. It’s an addicting feeling. It’s why I continue to write.

This site is like a clean slate. I’m excited with not only sharing my writing highs and lows, but with creating new work to post on the site. I’m already working on a few shorter pieces that will be exclusive to this site. I will also post sample chapters from my novels; character sketches to help readers get to know the characters better and even short stories to show characters’ experiences prior to their appearance in my novels. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but then again, writing is a lot of work. But it’s fun work, so I plan to have a lot of it!

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  1. I know what you mean. Writing is so very addicting.

    That blank page can be filled with anything. Its that creative process that gets me going. Its the feeling I get once those first few sentences come and the absolute flow that follows.

    • Trinae Trinae

      I can wait to start filling pages! Thanks for stopping by.

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