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Credit Card Catastrophe

There’s nothing like coming off a week-long illness and seeing that your world has gone to hell since you’ve been off the grid. Okay, maybe that was a little strong, but you get my meaning. So, while I play catch up on my blog posts and finally get this short story to my beta reader, I have to figure out the tangled mess between my web hosting company and my credit card company.

Basically, I have two domains that I have hosted, one here and one for Stepping Stones Magazine. I would post the URL, but the site is down. Why? Well, it seems that Orchard Bank cannot see that the bills coming in to them are for two different accounts and not the same account. Hey, it’s great that this site is getting paid promptly, but the other site isn’t because the payment keeps getting rejected Orchard’s records show that they paid the invoice. Correct, but they are only paying one of the invoices, because someone there things the invoices are duplicate.

I’m no financial whiz, but I do know that different invoices for different amounts for different sites usually means that they are two separate accounts. I know that and you know that, but ever try explaining that to a customer service representative? Let me tell you, it’s not easy. My first call of the day gave me a headache. I’m going to pop some ibuprofen and try again in another hour.

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