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Editing “If God…”

“If God Can Create” the Universe currently in the editing process, with the first three pages edited this morning. I learned early on not to get too attached to my words, but…well…after having so much just letting the words splash across the page, each strike through, each “cut” is just making me wince. In the end, I believe there will be a tighter, more enjoyable read.

After red penning the story, It will be time for the second draft, then another round of edits. Then it will be time to shelve “If God…” and maybe get a beta read before sending out to market. Then, like anyone else, I’ll either sit and bite my nails waiting on a decision from a magazine, or start working on the next project.

Oh, if I only had the literary aptitude that Jonathan William Maxwell possessed in the story, then there would be no need to even write this update. (Sarcastic sigh. LOL.)

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