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Inspired by Kiki

Just when I thought I would power down the computer for the night, I came across a damn fine post, “Monday Megalomania–Picture of a Fat Girl” written by Christin Haws on her blog. All I can say is THANK YOU to Christin, for finding a poignant way to discuss what it means not only to be yourself, but to love yourself for the person that you are and not who society says you should be.

I could paraphrase Christin’s post, but you should head over to her site and check it out yourself. Through her words, I saw myself; and for once I really felt it was okay to be me and to love me. Don’t worry, not going to get all weepy over here, but talk about reading something refreshing. If writing is supposed to evoke emotion and in the end affect change, then Christin succeeded on both levels.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! That post came from my need to be honest about myself (I’m already honest WITH myself). It’s so easy to hide or interpret things incorrectly on the Internet. I wanted the few people that read my blog to see who they’re really dealing with. It’s one thing to say you’re fat; it’s another to prove it.

    I’m humbled by the fact that my words affected you in such a positive way and I’m so glad that they did. More people should know it’s okay to love yourself regardless of what other people think and I’m so glad that you’re spreading that around!

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