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My Writing Laptop

I take my laptop everywhere I go. I write with a pen and a notebook when using a laptop isn’t practical; but as soon as I can, I transfer the written notes into my laptop. For some reason, I think better when I type, as opposed to writing. I think in part, because my thinking follows the speed at which I type. (I’m a pretty fast typist when I get going.) My script is also hard to read when I take notes, so in the end, it’s better for me to type everything out.

My laptop is an Acer 4810T, not the flashiest, but definitely a workhorse. With almost six hours of battery life, I am able to work for extended periods without needing a charge. The chiclet-style keyboard means that I can type comfortably for hours. Ubuntu 12.04 is my operating system of choice. I have nothing against Windows, but as I have said in previous posts, I am more productive when I am using Linux.

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