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Sampson opened his eyes as the sunlight rushed in. He moved and felt the bones in his vertebrae snap back in place. He didn’t know how it happened, but he silently thanked the team at Eden Genetics. Cuts healed in minutes, while broken bones healed in an hour. The new limbs he received during his stay in Eden were part of the reasoning behind his rapid healing. From the basic explanation he received from Dr. Gainer, the surgical team grew the limbs in an accelerated growth liquid using Sampson’s DNA to reduce the chance of his body rejecting the transplants to a minimum. To bolster the process, doctors injected him with a serum tricking his body into believing the graphs were native part of his body. In less than a month, Sampson went from being a quadruple amputee, to being whole.

He stood and looked down at Kilo’s still body. The fall knocked him out, but his chest rose and fell with the breaths he took. He checked the man’s shirt for body armor, but he wore none. He watched silently as Kilo’s muscles regurgitated the bullets, closing wounds with each successful push. They both were something different. Kilo was something else all together, though everyone at Eden denied it. When they brought Kilo back, he wasn’t the same, either in body or in mind. Sampson remembered the screams in the isolation room. They didn’t sound human. The pain, the rage, the hurt, whatever happened to Kilo scared Sampson to his soul. The man, if he was still human, was not the same man who went to war with him week after week on the gridiron. This monster was something all together different. And Grayson somehow held the leash. Had he stayed with Grayson, he might be the same homicidal maniac as the man passed out on the ground.

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  1. suechada suechada

    can we have the full story please….

    • Trinae Trinae

      Full story coming after NaNoWriMo.

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