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Ubuntu 12.04

I like using Linux. I do most of my writing on an Acer Aspire 4810T. It’s not the fastest laptop, even with 4 GB of RAM, but it has great battery life and it’s been a heck of workhorse. With its default operating system (Windows Vista) my laptop was slow. I experienced my share of blue screens of death. Looking for an alternative, I played around with various Linux operating systems and liked Ubuntu the best. Ubuntu (version 11.10 12.04 LTS) is stable, speedy and looks cool. Any software I need is in the Ubuntu Software Center and I can install it with one click. Overall, its been a positive experience. Sure, things aren’t perfect, but we’re talking about computers and sometimes digital shit happens. I will say that I am happy with Ubuntu overall and I believe that I am more productive since making the switch.

What I like about Ubuntu:

  • Speed of the OS
  • Ubuntu Software Center
  • The Ubuntu User Community

What I don’t like about Ubuntu:

  • No MP3 support (out of the box)
  • No Adobe Flash support (out of the box)
  • Bit of a learning curve when things go wonky

Ubuntu doesn’t install proprietary software (i.e. Adobe Flash, MP3 support, etc.) by default. You can enable this feature, but that’s not what this post is about. I can’t say that it’s not something I don’t like because I don’t listen to music on my laptop while I write. Unfortunately, until more sites move over to HTML 5, Flash is a necessary evil on many sites. However, since I spend most of my time writing on my laptop, I can overlook these issues.

With a large community over at Ubuntu Forums, I never wait more than a few hours for help when I run into issues. And it’s that feeling of being a part of a community — which is one of the reasons I write — that keeps Ubuntu on my machine.

Update: Since my writing this post Ubuntu 12.04 hit the download servers. But every above stays the same. Want to learn more about Ubuntu? Check out this link and give it spin. Who knows, you might write you next book using Linux.

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