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A Hard Day’s Night

There’s a Beatles’ song titled, “A Hard Day’s Night” that sums up the day perfectly. It’s been a constant state of go since I opened my eyes this morning. The only reason I’m not knocked out on my butt is I’m determined to finish with my Linux Mint testing project. Then there’s the matter of my wanting to keep in the groove of writing daily. But When I do close my eyes in the next hour or so, I plan to “…be sleeping like a log.”

Writing is hard for me during days like this. The demands of the work day coupled with domestic duties seizes my brain like an engine with no oil. I spent most of the day thinking analytically (working with statistics and spreadsheets) and now the creative part of me feels drained. I think the best thing to do is to admit creative defeat, turn in a little earlier than normal and attack the day with a fresh mind.

On a positive note, I did play around with a short story idea on which I want to spend some time working. I’ve focused on larger projects like novels, that I forgot that I actually enjoy writing the shorter stuff, too. I think before going to bed I’ll fire up Google Keep and jot down a few ideas. I plan to write about Keep after I spend more time working with the app. So far, it is fast, simple and it integrates well in my current work flow. The only thing I’m worried about is how long will it be before Google gets bored and axes the app like it did with Reader and so many others. I’ll keep plain text copies of my notes backed up to my hard drive and to Dropbox just to be safe.

G’night folks!

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