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Anker Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Over the weekend I purchased an Anker Bluetooth wireless keyboard from I wanted a wireless keyboard to not only use with my iPad Mini, but with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and as a backup keyboard to my sometimes flaky laptop keyboard. I wanted a keyboard with keys that were big enough for typing, yet small enough for me to carry around. I’m pleased to say this keyboard fits both bills effortlessly.

Pairing the keyboard was simple enough; just add 2 AAA batteries, turn on the switch and presto, my iPad Mini found the device without fuss. In a matter of five key presses, I was typing into my favorite iPad text editor, PlainText. While it resembles an Apple wireless keyboard, the Anker is made of all plastic. It is a sturdy device, however and it holds up well to my finger abuse. The keys are big enough where even the beefiest fingers can type accurately, yet the whole keyboard is less than ten inches long. The function keys control various functions of the iPad. I am still experimenting with the keyboard, but so far the experience has been nothing short of positive.

As you might have guess, I wrote this post using the keyboard and my iPad Mini. As I continue experimenting with the keyboard, I’ll update the blog about my findings. But for now, at $20 from Amazon, I’ll say this keyboard is definitely a great investment in your productivity if you’re looking to do more with your iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Mac devices.

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