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Big Mac

Thanks to my lovely daughter, I am now rocking a MacBook 3.1 laptop, which will be my temporary writing tool until I can get Acer laptop. How did I end up with a *gasp* Mac? The kid needed a computer that would run an online game called Mabinogi. Apparently, there isn’t a Mac client for the game and therefore needed a Windows PC. Being the nurturing parent I am, I sacrificed my beloved Acer 4810T so that she may traipse through undiscovered lands with her guildies to slay dragons and other baddies.

So now it’s the MacBook and me. To my surprise, I like the build of the machine. The keyboard is comfortable for typing and the for a dual-core machine, it runs smoothly with Xubuntu 13.04. (Tried OSX Lion and just couldn’t get into it.) I’ve typed a few blog posts, had a Google hangout with my brother and did a little website work. And while it’s been a mostly positive experience, I don’t have that same connection I had with the Acer laptop.

For starters, there’s the lack of a Backspace key. On the MacBook, the Delete key functions as the Backspace. It’s a little confusing when you’re used to having both keys on a keyboard. A smaller issue with the keyboard is the Function and Control keys are reversed, so my pinky is constantly hitting the wrong key when I need to invoke a command that requires the Control key. Other than those minor issues, the laptop is quite usable. While I don’t need rush out and buy a new laptop today, I do want either to find another 4810T or something newer, but with the same or better battery life. Until then, it’s Big Mac and me.

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