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Breaking through

Now that Stepping Stones Magazine has returned (or will officially launch on August 12th), I can turn my attention back to writing. During the month the magazine was offline, I discovered that I can’t move on to something knew until I solve the problem in front of me. It’s some sort of mental issue in me, I know it. I just can’t move forward until I solve the current problem. Funny, I’m not like that in my non-creative life. I can throw something on the back burner without a second thought. Yet, in my creative life when I hit a wall everything stops until I can either get through it or get over it. (I’m the plow through type mostly.)

And while I’m happy to have Stepping Stones back on its feet, I look at the edits I need to make on chapter 4 of Racing the Rain and the beginnings of a chapter 5, and realize I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I guess it’s time to put on the safety helmet, put my head down and get a running start.

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