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It’s been seven days since I’ve been without internet at home. Surprisingly, I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. It’s been an adjustment, but nothing too taxing on the soul. If anything, I spent more time reading, writing and even getting a little time to try some games on my iPad. Honestly speaking, I didn’t realize how dependent I became on the internet, until it was gone.

Not having the internet has helped me to work smarter. My Galaxy S2 has really stepped up in being less of a smartphone and more like a personal assistant. Tasks that I reserved for a steady internet connection, I now do from my smartphone. When I am in front of my desk, Im ready to work. I’m less distracted by web surfing, checking email or updating my task lists.

I find out later on this evening when (or if ) my service will be activated. Whether I remain with Comcast or go with another provider. At least my internet addiction has been tapered.

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