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Cricket Wireless

About a month ago my Huawei Mercury smartphone died. It was a workhorse of a phone; acting as my personal assistant when it came to keeping my calendar, organizing my to-do list, taking quick notes or photos for story ideas, and for the occasional distraction when time permitted. Imagine my frustration when I found out Cricket no longer carried the phone. To make matters worse, they sent me a phone the customer service representative said would make me as happy as I was with my Merc. The bastard phone in question? The HTC One V.

Go ahead, gasp in horror. I did.

By the time the phone arrived and I set up the device, I was ready to send it back. Trouble was, I couldn’t. Sure, I could get another phone, but I would have to pay full price. I felt bamboozled. I felt as though Cricket itself mocked my wanting to be productive by sending me this dog of a smartphone. I did what any impulsive person would have done and cancelled my account.

Now that I’m a free agent, I’m going to shop around and see what phones are out there. The mission is simple, I need a good phone under $300 without the oppressive weight of a contract. Some of my “must haves” include good battery life, decent processor and a 4-inch screen. (Look, I loved carrots, but my eyesight isn’t the best.) Other than that, I’m pretty open. So let’s see where the journey leads.

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