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Double Mint

As my weekend Linux experiment comes to a close, it looks like the race comes down between Linux Mint 15 (Xfce) and Linux Mint Debian Edition (MATE). Both run exceptionally well on my Acer Timeline 4810T. I equally like both, but I have to admit, the Xfce edition is more familiar to me. I like the way the system is laid out and I think it’s something I can use regularly.

Of all the distros I played with this weekend, I’m a little disappointed in Debian 7. Don’t get me wrong, it ran even faster on my system than Mint, but between the system not being able to detect my wireless card and the major issue of Debian not wanting to install on my laptop (seems the installer either the installer is broken or Debian just hates my laptop) I found myself having to leave it behind in favor of the Mint distros.

Tomorrow, I’ll give each Mint distro a final spin before deciding which finds a permanent home on my laptop. If anyone out there has an idea of how I can solve my issues with Debian 7, I would love to hear from you. There’s something about the way GNOME Shell works that just makes Debian fly on my laptop, which is weird being I thought GNOME Shell was heavier than either Xfce or MATE.

On another tech-related note, I see that Ubuntu is unveiling something new tomorrow. Many (include me) speculate that tomorrow’s announcement will focus on Ubuntu Edge, the rumored smart phone running the Ubuntu operating system. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m forced to sit on the sidelines during the initial launch as the United States is not part of Canonical’s first phase in getting the phone out to the masses. I will keep my fingers crossed that the Edge will make its way to America sooner before later. Anyone else excited about the Ubuntu Edge (or whatever they plan to call it)?

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