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Here Goes Nothing

I woke up this morning realizing I have a lot of writing to do. Much like my want to get back in shape, I woke up, started going through my emails for the day and printed out the guts to both Children of Ares and Racing the Rain. These two projects have been weighing on my mind for months; it’s time to do something about it.

Since I can’t choose between the two novels — what can I say, they are in ways closer to me than the novels that make up my Ascension series — I am going to work on both projects. Yes, I mean at the same time. I’m not crazy — to the reader that’s laughing, cut that out — and there is a method buried in all of this. I just need discovery what the method is.

I do know I will write the rough draft of Racing the Rain online. It’s something I wanted to do. There is no time like… um, now, to start. I’m writing Children of Ares offline as that will be the first book — of many I hope — to make its way onto Amazon, Smashwords and other book outlets. I will write a short post about each project before throwing myself off the cliff of words and getting lost in the maze of these books.

Time for me to grab the lucky charms (not the cereal) and other talismans and get to work.

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  1. lisa lisa

    awesome!, very proud of you & can’t wait to read…

    • Thank you for your support. Have a long way to go, but hey, we’re going to get there.

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