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iPad Mini

This post comes courtesy of my iPad mini. Two weeks ago, I received an iPad for from work as part of a pilot project. While the iPad was a great device, it wasn’t mine to do what I wanted. Since I’m a big fan of 7 inch tablets — I absolutely loved my Acer Iconia A100 — the iPad Mini seemed a logical choice.

If I love my android tablet so much, why switch? The answer, unfortunately, is easy. If software is made to run on an iOS device, then it works on an iOS device. If software is made to run on Android, then it may or may not work on your device. Believe me when I tell you that I had my share of “Your device is not compatible” messages.

And, to be frank, I had enough.

The next stop on my journey is to find a wireless keyboard. I want something I can use in Windows, Linux and iOS. Then it will be time to see how productive I can be with this device.

Who knows, Maybe this will be the tool with which I’ll write my next project.

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  1. As an artist, and writer I love my Ipad, I actually like the larger screen because it makes me feel like I have more control over my work but I can understand why it may be inconvenient for some either for transporting or it just doesn’t feel comfortable with your hands. I had an android tablet and for some reason it never captivated me in getting me motivated, for some reason the available software to IOS combined with the ease of use makes my ipad almost impossible to not touch at least a couple times a day, either for writing or working on an art project.

    • And I think that is what Apple has with iOS… it just works. I know that any app made for the iPad will work on the iPad. Android is an awesome OS and there are some amazing tablets out there (Google Nexus, I’m winking at you) but until there is singularity without the fragmented universe that is Android, I think I will stick with the iPad.

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