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Laptops, laptops and more laptops

For the past few weeks, I’ve been looking around for laptops that fit my criteria and I haven’t come up with too many exciting prospects. Best Buy is giving away these plastic HP Laptop bundles that feel like they would break if I typed on them too long. I guess I can’t complain too much over a $299 price point, but for some reason, the more I typed, the more I could hear my subconscious spewing expletives inside my head.

From there, I saw an Acer S3 Ultrabook, that looked promising, but fell short of my expectations. Maybe comparing this PC to my old 4810T wasn’t a good idea. The 4810T had over eight hours of battery life and a great-feeling keyboard. While the S3 had an okay keyboard, the battery life was dismal to say the least. Performance-wise, the S3 felt sluggish and not as responsive as I would have thought. I also read that this model Ultrabook wasn’t the most Linux friendly. For $399, I didn’t feel that I wanted to chance owning a laptop that I couldn’t use my way. (One of my biggest gripes against keeping the MacBook.)

From the other laptops I demoed, it didn’t seem I was going to find everything I was seeking. It was only when I gave up on the insane battery life did I find my current laptop, the Lenovo IdeaPad S400. The biggest draw was the IdeaPad’s Accutype keyboard, which felt great as I typed. With a responsive touchscreen (which admittedly I would hardly use) and being extremely Linux friendly, the IdeaPad seemed like a good choice. My only issues are the substandard battery life (3hrs from what I read) and the $439 price tag, which is over my budget of $400.

So do I go with a decent laptop that leaves me over budget? Do I hold out, maybe save up some more money and try my hand at one of the more expensive models?

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