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Moving Forward One Word at a Time

This blog is about writing and life; so let’s talk about them for a minute. In all honesty, dear reader, I haven’t been doing much writing. I offer no excuses. My declaration on this post is merely to be share a bit of honesty and to show you’re not alone. Sometime distractions do get in the way. My life is no different than any other aspiring writer.

However, this doesn’t mean that I’m giving up. (And neither are you, in case the thought crept in your head.) We will pick up ourselves, brush off the past stumbles and realize that if we can so much as dedicate a page per day — only 250 words — we could have a novel written in a year. Amazing how it all adds up; don’t you think?

Starting today, I pledge 250 words per day towards my writing. I look forward to writing more, but 250 words are the minimum I’m allowed to write each day. The only restriction is that those words are reserved for either my novel or a short story. Blog posts, status updates and writing of that nature, don’t count. Today is the first day of Spring, which represents a new start. Care to join me?

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