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Sometimes change is needed to move forward. It’s a truth found in both life and writing. That’s why I packed up the house, the kids, the spouse, the pets and my writing and moved into a new home over the weekend. Did I mention how I hate moving? If not, then consider yourself in the know. I think the new space is going to help my productivity. Gone are the days of rearranging furniture each time it rained. I no longer have to wear a hardhat while cooking to protect myself against a falling ceiling. (You heard correctly.) More importantly, having an extra bedroom means the kids are more spread out, further reducing conflict in the house over borrowing hairbrushes, clothes and makeup.

While the house is smaller – or cozy if you watch a lot of HGTV – It still allows for me to have a writing space inside my bedroom. Now that is something I’ll miss from the old place, having a bedroom that spanned the entire third floor of the house. However, after I unpack everything, I and confident I will enjoy my new writing space just as much as I enjoyed the old.

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