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OS X experiment final thoughts

I’ve been using the MacBook with OS X for a week and it has been a good experience. I would say it’s been a great experience, but there is room for improvement in the rose-colored world of Mac. If I pay for hardware, I want to use it my way. I don’t like having my freedom of choice taken from me. As wonderful as the Mac experience is, the user is blocked from using the hardware other than the way the folks at Apple intended. It’s that restriction alone that made up my mind to pack up and leave paradise and walk the dusty highway of Linux.

Linux is about giving the users choices. The user is not restricted to using the Linux software any particular way. Whether server, desktop or even for the web, Linux allows users to create with their imaginations. It’s funny when you think about how Apple is supposed to be the tool for users to unleash their creativity.

I think I’ll choice freedom. And for me, that’s Linux.

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