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OS X experiment day 01

First day using the MacBook with OS X Lion installed. While Mountain Lion is out and Mavericks will drop shortly, but aren’t compatible with the older device I’m using. (Anyone know a workaround to get Mountain Lion on a MacBook 3.1?) I rolled into work early, fired up the laptop and set off doing what I normally would do in Xubuntu. First up, reading the day’s news.

Since the death of Google Reader — a tragedy for which I have yet to forgive Google — I’ve used Feedly. It’s fast, does what I need it to do and has nifty sharing options to boot. Since I use the extension in Chrome, this was a snap to use on the MacBook. I installed Chrome, and upon entering my account info, my bookmarks, apps and settings ported over in seconds. In the time it took to type this sentence, I was reading feeds, sharing with Buffer and sending later reads to Pocket. I know Chrome was doing all the heavy lifting, but I was happy to have an easy time installing the software on the laptop.

Speaking of installing software. I want to say software installation in a Mac environments is… different. I’ve used both Windows and Linux and it seems that installing non App Store software on the MacBook blends both worlds. Sometimes when I click on a file to install, I can drag the app icon to the Applications folder and OS X does the rest. Other times, I have a more traditional installation experience. As I said, different. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I made a short list of apps I needed to install and then got to work. I will say while the Apple App Store has a lot of software, the Ubuntu Software Center has a lot of software I use. Hey, I understand I’m new to the Mac game, so I am not used to looking for Mac software. Luckily, a lot of the software I use is cross-platform, so I shouldn’t have a problem using apps on the Mac operating system since I have used them in Linux and in Windows.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed just in case.

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