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OS X experiment day 02

Spent some time in the Mac App Store (MAS), which is like the iTunes App Store, but for computers. I like what they’re trying to do, but I think this is one area Linux shines. While there are a lot of great apps in the MAS, there are just too many apps that are just way overpriced in my opinion. This isn’t a jab at Apple per se, but my stance on software in general. But when an office suite is almost $200, or an imaging suite cost close to $500, I’m sorry, I don’t see how such a price is justified, especially when there are many developers, who create comparable software for the fraction of the cost (and often free). We can write thousands of words on the subject, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

This isn’t to say the Mac App isn’t good. I found several apps to download and this is where I felt most at home. Click on the “Install” button and presto, the app installed and appeared in Launchpad. Deleting an app is as simple as dragging the app icon to the trashcan. Like Linux, seems like OS X knows how to remove files without leaving much behind. One of my biggest grips with Windows is how removed programs leave folders and other bits of files. Might not be a big thing to most, but if you’re like me and install and remove a lot of software, sometimes these folders can reach several hundred after a while. Overall, using the MAS was a positive experience. With it’s similarities to the Ubuntu Software Center, I felt at home choosing apps for my system. Apps installed quickly and they removed without the clutter of their Windows counterparts. While I would love to have been able to use something similar to Synaptic, I was happy with the experience.

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