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OS X experiment day 03

Three days entrenched in the Mac OS environment and I can say that things have been largely uneventful. And believe me when I say that’s a good thing. I’m settled in and am using tools that I have used in both Windows and in Linux. It’s the familiarity in apps, which made the transition easier. Armed with Focuswriter and Google Chrome, I wrote several blog posts and uploaded them to my website without any issues.

Right now I’m using the default mail and calendar app. I was surprised to find that once I put in my account information, my email and calendar synced and I could see my appointments in iCal and the 167 emails I still need to read in Mail. Okay, I’ll admit this is cool. While setting up email is easy in Linux and Windows (especially using Thunderbird) I never had my calendar automatically sync with an OS as soon as I entered my account details. In seconds I had native two-way syncing between my iCal and Google Calendar. No need for plugins or third-party extensions. I can see why Mac users say their OS allows them to be more productive. It stays out your way until you need something specifically. Take the dock, for instance. When you minimize an app, the dock moves out of the way and stays out of the way until you summon it. I attempted to recreate the same experience in Windows, but in OS X, everything just feels more natural. (I should point out I have had similar experiences in Linux.)

I use my laptop for writing, email and catching up on the occasional social network feed. The MacBook with OS X continues to impress me. I’m not sure I’m ready to fully commit, but I’m enjoying the flirtation.

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