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OS X experiment day 04

Day four of my experiment with OS X had me working with my multi-function printer and with my network. One strength of Linux — and apparently Mac — is how easy it is to connect to networked folders. In this instance, the MacBook saw the shared computers and after tying in the correct user name and password, I was sharing files and streaming between Windows, Linux and Mac. Out of everything I’ve learned about OS X, networking was one of the easiest things to do. For the record, I would say the experience was on par or even better than in Linux.

If you’ve ever needed to set up a printer in Linux, you understand how much of a pain it can be to get everything working properly. I’m using a Brother HL-2280DW, which functions as a printer, scanner and copier. Setting up this particular model in Linux is doable, but the first time around it took me about 30 minutes in research and another 20 minutes following directions. (I can now set up the printer in about 15 minutes.) However, there are files to download, commands to paste in the terminal and fingers to cross. Adding the printer in OS X was literally as simple as pressing the add button. I received notification the appropriate drivers were available in the Mac store and if I would like to install them. I clicked yes and in less than a minute, the printer installed and the test page slid out the output tray. I would never believe the installation would be trouble free if I did not do it myself. Another feather in the Mac cap. If any more tech goodness falls like mana, surely I’m going to be a convert.

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