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OS X experiment day 05

Day five and I still haven’t wiped OS X off the partition and installed Linux. I have to give credit to Apple, they’ve built themselves and pretty nice operating system. And I hear OS X Mavericks is going to be even better. (Is the name a possible dig at Canonical’s Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat, maybe?) Too bad I’ll never know. It appears the newest OS I can run on the MacBook 3.1 is OS X Lion.

Newer versions of the Apple’s OS seems to require newer and more expensive hardware. This is a serious flaw in an almost flawless experience. It’s one of my main reasons for disliking Apple. One of the most important lessons learned from Linux is I can be amazingly productive on older hardware. In terms of getting things done, I would pit the former Acer 4810T running Xubuntu against anything out there. (If I could pry it from my daughter’s sleeping death grip. I don’t feel the need to spend a thousand dollars solely for “an experience” when I can spend a fraction of the money or a laptop with decent specs and enjoy a similarly pleasant experience. The biggest facing me since starting this experiment: Is the Apple OS experience worth the ever increasing cost of the hardware? Is it worth dropping almost a month’s rent on a laptop simply used for writing? Does the new OS X experience warrant spending the kind of money that could be better spent elsewhere?

Sadly, all of those answers are no.

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