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OS X experiment day 06

Last day my Mac experiment and I thought I would take the time to do something I normally don’t do on a laptop and that’s relax. I wanted to see how the MacBook could handle playing games, watching movies, listening to music and play a few games. While I use my laptop for writing, it’s always good to have a time waster or two for taking breaks between grinding out chapters.

I connected the MacBook to my network and copied a movie from my server. (Face Off if you must know.) In a few minutes, I was enjoying Cage and Travolta blowing up everything around them. Are we having fun, yet? You bet! When I felt satisfied that the MacBook could handle the movie, I deleted the file and streamed the next movie (Aliens) directly from the server. Added bonus was watching the smart gun scene while wearing bluetooth stereo headphones that allowed you to turn up the bass.

Like video files, audio played flawlessly. Tori Amos and DMX — strange bedfellows, I know — both belted out their view of society through my MacBook’s speakers. I had no problem either streaming the files or copying over to the laptop and playing them from the hard drive. While I could do the same things in Linux, I did not have to add extra codecs, or download restricted extras files. I was able to turn on the MacBook and immediately connect to my media and enjoy in minutes. In Linux (unless I’m using something like Linux Mint) I need to install a restricted extras pack to play music and video files. Not a huge inconvenience, but one nonetheless.

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