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Racing the Rain

I said in an earlier post I would discuss how I plan to write the draft of Racing the Rain online. I borrowed the idea from Silvia Hartmann, who wrote her book, The Dragon Lords, live using Google Docs.

I don’t have Ms. Hartmann’s guts to write live and in real time. My brain doesn’t function that way. However, what readers will encounter here is the creation of Racing as it happens in my head. I’ll make sure words are spelled correctly and I use some semblance of grammar; beyond that, I make no promises. I am not sure where the story will go or how it will end. I have a good idea, but nothing concrete. I am sure that what appears on the website will differ from what appears in the final draft.

So how does this work? Good question. My guess is that I will post each chapter as I finish writing them. I will leave comments open for feedback if anyone wants to play Whack-An-Author. When I write the last chapter, I will get to work on editing and rewriting. When I’ve gone blind from excessive editing, and should I have an actual interesting story, I will attempt to place the novel somewhere other than in a desk drawer.

I mean… what’s the worse that can happen?

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