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Rolling with Linux

I’ve been using Linux on my laptop on and off for the past three years. My currently version of Linux is Xubuntu 13.04. I have to say I’m impressed with the system’s overall stability, speed and general ease of use. I like the Xfce desktop because it’s clean and responsive. However, being one who likes to experiment, I’m looking for a little bit of a change.

I’ve read about rolling release distros and I must say they seem like my type of environment. In short, you install the system once and (theoretically) you’ll never have to reinstall the OS again. The software will continue to update itself to the latest version until the developers stop supporting the system. Pretty neat in my opinion.

Over on several of the Google+ communities, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with some very intelligent people in regards to the world of Linux. After posting on some of the communities, I received recommendations to try several rolling release operating systems. I’ve narrowed the field down to the following:

  • *OpenSUSE 13.1 (using the Tumbleweed repositories)
  • Linux Mint Debian 201109 Xfce
  • Linux Mint Debian 201109 Gnome
  • Linux Mint Debian 201303 MATE
  • SolydX
  • **Snowlinux 4
  • **Linux Mint 15 Xfce

*When released in November 2013

**Not a rolling release distro, but a recommendation of something I might like.

This weekend I’m going to take some time to play with each one (I will me using Milestone 3 of openSUSE) and getting a field for what I think I would like. I am going to test them each in VirtualBox to see if I like how the system updates and then I will go with a real test using a live CD on my laptop. Who knows, by the end of the weekend I will either have a new favorite Linux distro, or Xubuntu will remain king of the Linux mountain.

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