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Sandglaz Task App

It appears I found my favorite to-do app too late. Yahoo! acquired Astrid a few weeks ago and it looks like they’re shutting down the service sooner rather than later. I’m quite fond of Astrid, but I’m not a big fan of Yahoo!. (I only have a Yahoo! email account because I use Flickr.)

With rumors abound that Yahoo! is terminating Astrid and absorbing the tech into big Y!’s existing infrastructure, I find myself scrambling for another quality app. I’ve used Wunderlist 2, which is a great cross-platform app, but since I’m testing the waters, I looked at others. Surprisingly, a great app found me. After receiving a Tweet from @Sandglaz inviting me to try their web app. I’ve been using it for two days and, so far I’m impressed.

So far, I like the ease of use. Think of Sandglaz as being something akin to Twitter, but for tasks. I can use #hashtags to categorize what needs to be done. I can send a task to someone by typing @username, so it fits into the flow of how I work. Below is a snapshot of my screen. While app has a simple interface, I took it a step further. I love the clean, minimalist design. I added a few tasks and will continue adding more as they come to mind. From what I read, any incomplete tasks from the current week will roll over into the new week as it comes. (Will test that feature as the week ends.)
While I am impressed with Sandglaz, the app lacks a few important features. Having an overall view makes it easy what needs to be done each day across all grids. Sure, I can either put everything on one grid and use hashtags to categorize everything, but that defeats the purpose of having multiple grids. I would like to see a view that pulls from each grid in an overview format. Another less important issue — but important enough to mention — is the lack of and Android or iOS app. Luckily, a mobile view is available when people visit the site through their smartphones or tablets.

It’s too soon to say if Sandglaz is going to be my Astrid replacement, but I am enjoying the experience and look forward to seeing what new things develop. If you would like to try Sandglaz, head over to the site. Astrid users will be happy to know Sandglaz is rolling out he red carpet and offering their pro account free until August 1, 2013. That should be plenty of time for anyone to check out the service to see it it’s right for them.

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