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Camp NaNoWriMo update

Another rough day in the books. I never thought I would be so happy so see the end of the week, even though I am just nearing the midpoint. Still behind on the word count, but at least I am sitting in front of the laptop, which was something that didn’t happen last week. I am thumbing through some notes on Racing and trying to get myself back in the writing groove.

If I have one writing weakness (and trust me I have many) it is mentally shutting down when stressed. When my brain has had enough stimuli — positive or negative mind you — I automatically switch to autopilot. What can I say? It’s a coping mechanism. One of the cool thing I like about being able to go through my day without having to think about it is that I am able to tackle the problem I’m facing. The joke in all of this is that I can get through any problem except for being able to write.

Talk about a joke in which I fail to find the humor.

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