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Dirty Windows

Originally, I wanted to spend a week with the Dell XPS 10 tablet. I wanted to see if it could replace my laptop. After spending a couple of days fumbling around in the darkness that was Windows, I decided to abandon the quest before it began. In the end, I realized it wasn’t for me. I may have been harsh with my assessment of the capabilities of the 10.1 smoke-gray slab of Microsoft tech. Could I give it another chance?

Hell no.

The bane of my existence for the past week will be shipped off to someone who can appreciate what the XPS can offer. But for me, it’s down to three. Linux, Android and iOS. (Wait, I lied. I still game on a Windows 7 machine.) But my flirtation with Windows tablet devices has ended. There is no need for me to explore any further would be pointless. From here I will focus on using my existing tools to help with my productivity. But first, I’m going to hit the send button to list this drain on my soul on eBay. Maybe a Windows fanboy could open his heart to the XPS in ways I never could.

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